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How to properly select shelf communication elements Copy


Appropriate selection of shelf communication elements has a direct impact on building brand awareness and recognition, its perception and sales. Do you want to successfully communicate at your points of sales to stand out from competing brands and encourage purchase? In this article, we suggest you how to properly match shelf communication elements with your target customers.

Consumers' purchasing decisions consist of a number of elements that affect them in various levels. Once you know them, it is possible to take better care of your brand communication and to effectively highlight your products. So let's start with what influences buyers' decisions.


What influences consumers' purchasing decisions?

The most important influencing factors in purchasing decisions are:

  • Price – Consumers like to compare it, even though it is not always a key aspect in choosing a particular product,
  • Quality – this is another important factor that matters when it comes to purchase, to build it in the eyes of customers it consists of their own experience with the brand and the opinions of others,
  • Brand – Powerful brands tend to be associated with quality and have greater popularity, they are more likely to be reached for and commonly attached to them,
  • Product aesthetics – is an element to which many buyers pay attention,
  • Promotions & Discounts – are undoubtedly successful in encouraging people to buy and take advantage of the opportunity,
  • Form and language of communication– matched to the target group and consistently applied across channels in real life and online.

There is another extremely important factor that influences customers' purchasing decisions – EMOTIONS, aroused by the brand or product. Positive ones can be triggered by both a well-known brand and a new one just entering the market. One of the many elements influencing the consumer experience and the subsequent emotions is appropriately chosen shelf communications.

Why shelf communication is important?

Most purchase decisions are made right at the shelf, which is where customers have an enormous choice in each product category, that's why shelf communication is so important. Properly selected:

  • supports marketing activities at various stages of a potential customer's purchase path,
  • "hooks", arouses interest in the product or campaign, effectively catching the eye,
  • raises awareness of purchasing needs,
  • builds brand awareness and helps turn prospects into consumers,
  • constantly reminds about the brand,
  • Influences positive brand or product experience among potential and loyal customers,
  • is one of the many brand touch points leading to purchase,
  • can educate about a product,
  • helps to make a purchasing decision.

List of benefits is extensive in order to see them you need to properly select the elements of communication at the shelf. 

How to select shelf communication elements?

To be effective, shelf communications must be tailored to the target group. A different form will be given to consumers, for example, if they are teenagers, and another for 40+ people. Another important issue is a design of shelf communication elements. It should be interesting, eye-catching and appealing, support brand recognition and be consistent with its visual identity (logo, colors, symbols).

Retail chains' restrictions in forms of communication make it very difficult to stand out from competing brands. It is helped by appropriately selected POS materials for shelf communication tailored to all your needs such as:

  • shelf stoppers,
  • shelf strips,
  • wobblers,
  • hangers,
  • Led Strip Light,
  • shelf mats (also with aroma or sound generator),
  • product frames highlighted with LED or NEO-LED light strips.

They are small, so they easily fit into small or unusual areas. Most of them have swappable messaging. These can be created in eco version (made from cardboard) or plastic in order to be more durable.

They will also work well for less known brands that want to highlight their products, make them unique or strengthen their promotional campaign. What is important, the listed elements of shelf communication do not require a lot of money and are easy to install on their own.

Today's consumers have a huge choice, so if you want them to grab your products, highlight them with original shelf communication elements. Not sure what shelf communication elements you should choose? Do you need support in creating excitement and positive associations with your brand? Contact us and take advantage of our support from idea to implementation.