Create a recognizable image for your brand or product with us! We have a tightly knit team ideas, tools, and time. In our CREATIVE AGENCY we inspire, we create outstanding graphic designs, as well as 3D visualizations, and lastly we assist you with creation and execution of marketing campaigns and online promotional activities.

We track trends and innovations to keep you up to date. We will research the market and the competition for you so that we can offer you unconventional solutions that would support your sales.




The creation of a brand image is one of the most important steps that affects its further recognition. Are you searching for an idea to promote your products in a unique way? Let us help you find one. Take advantage of our database full of ideas and experience!


Launching a new brand? Do it with us! Our creative team will guide you step by step through the entire process. For you we will analyse consumers' needs, develop an in-store product visibility strategy, prepare KV and plan your advertising campaign with the use of POP and POS materials.

02Exhibition STAND DESIGN

Do you need a project for a trade or conference counter, island displays or SWAS (Store-within-a-store) that will set you apart from others? We will design them for you inspired by the latest trends. We will make sure that the aesthetics and consistency match with your branding.

03Campaign's KEY VISUAL (KV)

Let us create for you a unique KV for your advertising campaigns ensuring that it evokes emotions, and effectively engages and builds brand or product recognition. We will find inspirations, we will work on campaign and help you with its implementation with the use of POS and POP materials and online banner ads.

04Marketing ACTION KV

Do you need a concept and individual KV design for a planned marketing campaign? We will make sure your customers get an unforgettable experience with your brand! We will create consistent graphic designs with your campaign theme for various print and online advertising media. We will make sure that they will make your brand stand out, attract the eye and become memorable easily.

05Competitions and CONSUMER ACTIONS

Are you looking for an attractive, engaging competitions or campaign for your product promotion? We provide a comprehensive service for competitions and consumer actions. We assist in idea finding, moderation, reporting, landing page, purchase and delivery of prizes, production of POS and POP materials and all related activities.


Are you looking for an interesting display idea of your product that will attract the attention of potential customers and encourage them to buy We will design for you POS and POP materials that stand out due to their interesting design, unusual solutions and effectively support sales. We create 2D projects and 3D visualizations.


Stand design and exhibition space arrangements

The field of our agency's activity also includes creative design of counters, arrangement of exhibition, retail, and promotional areas as well as store-within-a-store. We are keeping track of the latest trends and effectively implementing them into our designs.

01Modular STANDS

Modular counters are solutions which offer great and interesting arrangement possibilities. It is possible to combine them with each other, to give them an interesting and unique form. We create personalized projects to support companies' marketing efforts and build their visibility.


Are you looking for a creative agency that will design a conference space, large promotional or sales counter for you? We are experienced in creating advanced exhibition systems for well-known brands. We would love to create your next unique design tailored to your marketing efforts, specific campaign and brand character.


Want to set up sales points in your affiliated stores and need an idea for store-within-a-store? Contact us, tell us about your needs, then we will create a concept for you that will capture your interest and support your sales effectively.


Ongoing support

Do you need ongoing support for your current marketing operations? We will take care of creative service of your promotional actions to various communication channels in order to effectively support sales. We can help you with this:

01Creative service for companies, design FOR PRINT AND ONLINE

Searching for an idea for your advertising campaign, a strategy to highlight your products, a new KV, a competition, an event or a promotional video? We have creative ideas and experience in executing them. We will design print and online materials for you.

02Kv reformatting for POS UNDER MARKETING ACTION

Do you need to reformat key visuals for your brand or product and create POS materials consistent with them to support marketing campaigns? We will adapt your graphic motifs to particular POS of our or your idea. Our production team will take care of their realization.

03Newsletter MODULES

We will prepare for your newsletter modules in a suitable format and layout consistent with your brand.

04Online advertising BANNERS

We create graphically interesting online banner ads for online marketing activities in a suitable format that effectively highlight your products online.

05Design and visualisation OF ADVERTISING GADGETS

Advertising gadgets represent a small advertising medium, in order to fulfil their role and create a positive brand image, they must stand out, have an interesting design and good quality. This is exactly the kind of project we develop! We'll tell you how to tailor gadgets to your industry and customers.


In-store branding and rebranding

Outstanding branding helps in building brand recognition. We create stores' visual identities starting from the ground up and help with rebranding those who need to refresh their visual image according to trends. 


Do you want to see your sales points being effective in supporting sales? We know how to make potential customers curious and draw their attention to your products. We design permanent displays with a variety of material tailored according to brand, place of sale and target group.

02Shop/showroom DESIGN

We design shop windows and showrooms that catch the eye and encourage customers to enter. Our projects are based on the latest trends and newest technologies in order to offer you unique solutions to further enhance the visibility of your products.

03Outdoor constructions and COUNTER PROJECT

Do you need a dedicated point of sale or outdoor counter? We will design them on your individual request, considering the specifics of the place where the products you sell will be created and the brand image you wish to create with potential and existing customers.


Horeca creative support

Creative use of various advertising forms for brand promotion is a key to build brand recognition. Need support in creating out-of-the-box advertising materials for your hotel, restaurant or café? Contact us!


We create cohesive graphic designs for POS and POP materials in 2D and 3D formats tailored to your brand's various communication channels.

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