Cardboard POS

Cardboard POS refers to advertising materials that support product sales made mainly of cardboard. They are cost effective yet offer great and interesting possibilities in the area of design, unusual solids, form or printing.


Most purchasing decisions are made directly at shelf, that's why shelf communication becomes so important. Retail chains' restrictions in forms of communication make it very difficult to stand out from competing brands. We offer products that are ideally suited to small spaces and effectively draw attention: shelf stoppers, shelf strips, wobblers, hangers, Led Strip Light, shelf mats (also with aroma or sound generator), product frames highlighted with LED or NEO-LED light strips.

02Free standing FLOOR DISPLAYS

They are custom designed solutions that stands out in the store and makes a direct impact in sales increasing. We design and manufacture innovative universal and modular cardboard displays, tailored to the individual needs of our customers and their products.

03Displays in the IMPULSE ZONE

While waiting in a queue near checkout in a so-called impulse zone, customers tend to involuntarily look around. Each of them spends a shorter or longer time there. Use this moment well to catch their eye with a customized display of the brand's products placed at the checkout. Excellent for this purpose are countertop displays, checkout area racks or so-called "ties" ( which take very little space and, thanks to their vertical, elongated form, accommodate a lot of goods). When placed "at hand" they make it easier to reach for the product and effectively increase sales. Our advertising stands and display walls, with their unusual form and eye-catching design, encourage people to reach out for a product while queuing for the checkout.


Giftpacks with original gadgets build positive brand image. Once you surprise your audience with their contents, you will increase your chances of being remembered. It’s not only what's inside that matters, but also the interesting visual packaging in which you will give it. It can become a further advertising medium. We know how to make good use of this way of communicating with customers.


Permanent POS

Permanent POS are solutions that support sale of products, made of materials such as MDF board, furniture board, veneer, PVC, dibond, plywood, metal, aluminium, wire. They are a self-contained, ergonomic and visually appealing point of sale. They have a promotional, informative or brand-building character.

01Spectacular DISPLAYS

We enjoy new challenges and unusual solutions. In Edelweiss we realize spectacular displays by using a variety of materials and existing innovations. If you need a point of sale that will catch everyone's eye and cause a "WOW" effect, we will design and produce it for you!

02Freestanding DISPLAYS

Helps to distinguish products even in a small space in the shop or at brand events. Free-standing displays are mobile, so you can easily change their place and communication. Work well in the central part of the shop. They could either be used individually, e.g. in the form of an island, or arranged in a continuous sequence. We will match them to your products and take care of the attractive design.


Section and pole enclosures are suitable when the shop in which you wish to display your products has a limited planogram and there is no possibility of setting up free-standing displays. We can help you arrange the space around poles in an interesting way to create functional product display points that matches with your brand.

04Small display FORMS

Small display forms are used when products are small or difficult to arrange. These types of solutions, with their interesting, personalized forms and shapes, help to highlight even small items and draw customers' attention to them, e.g. in the checkout area.

05Shelf ends (GONDOLES)

Shelf ends are places that you can use to display your products in an interesting way. We'll make sure that they catch the customer's eye through original designs.

06Store WINDOW

To fulfil its purpose, a store window should catch the attention of a potential consumer in a few seconds and encourage them to enter. Non-standard solutions that interest, intrigue, delight are helpful with this. We create them at Edelweiss to match the brand, the customer, and the shop space.


Trade fair stand and space arrangement

Do you need a trade fair stand, conference stand or exhibition island for your marketing activities? Do you want to arrange your shop space in an original way or create a store-within – a - store? We design and manufacture these types of customized solutions to fit your business and needs. Our realizations include modern design, attention to details, top quality execution, modular structures and easy assembly.

01Modular STANDS

Modular stands are very popular in the exhibition industry. Their main advantages are the possibility of an interesting creation, various installation options, multiple use and ease of installation. We will produce for you a functional modular stand adapted to your space. Our Creative Agency is also involved in their design. If you are looking for an idea, use our support.


As a POS manufacturer, we also produce built-in units for conference spaces, shops, hotels, restaurants or cafés. With our Creative Agency, you will create a concept, and then we will bring it to life. If you have your own idea, you can also contact us.


Are you planning to increase the number of sales points? We create modern stores – within - stores that optimise the use of available space, reflect aesthetics of the brand and provide an engaging shopping experience.



Do you need customized promotional gadgets that will make your brand stand out? We have ideas for those! We will design them for you even for a specific campaign or event, and afterwards we will take care of production.


We keep up to date with technological innovations and use them for advertising gadgets, which makes them unconventional and distinctive. If you are looking for an interesting idea for a small gift with your company logo as a further advertising tool, you can find them at Edelweiss. We also produce eco-friendly gadgets.


We use a variety of techniques for labelling produced advertising gadgets, including: engraving, pad printing, screen printing, thermal transfer, die stamping, embroidery, stickers. We select the method of labelling according to the customer's needs and the type of gadget.


Horeca support materials

Take care of a distinctive and integrated branding for your hotel, restaurant or café with our support! We design and produce POS and POP advertising materials for HoReCa (premium and economy sector) from small assortments up to branding of entire areas in hotels or eating houses. 

01Communication through DINING TABLE

Are you looking for interesting POS and POP advertising materials for communication through table with your brand? We can create a custom made: menu, menu pads, Dining Seasoning cruet, Napkins holder, stands and printed material with advertising messages. All of that and more of communication through dining table elements can be found at Edelweiss!

02Communication through BAR AREA

Do you want to arrange the bar area of your hotel, restaurant or café in an interesting way? We will design and create for you the elements of communication through bar area consistent with your brand. Our range of products includes.: bar fittings, bar mats, trays, glorifiers, neon signs, led neon, illuminated menu boards.

03Entrance area COMMUNICATION

Interested in attracting customers more effectively to your eating house or hotel? This can be achieved by using entrance area communication elements such as: led neon neon signs, posters, billboards with advertising messages, illuminated panels/boards. At Edelweiss, we will create them to your order by using interesting innovations.


Wishing to open a seasonal garden at your local, a space suitable for meetings, entertainment and leisure? Let us take care of the consistent branding of your outdoor area. We will design and manufacture for you: tables, deck chairs, cushions, pouffes, umbrellas, food trucks, mobile bars. We will take care of aesthetics, all details and quality of finished products.


In-store branding and rebranding

We have ideas, we follow trends, we know how to make you stand out! Our creative agency will create your branding from scratch or help you to rebrand it. Design, visualization, interior design advertising elements, displays, gadgets, production, assembly - we can do it all for you!


Space markings

Do you want to mark space in your hotel, office, hall or other location so your customers can easily find their destination? We create materials to mark public spaces.

01Marking of parking lots, HALLS, OFFICE BUILDINGS

Proper marking of the car park is one of the elements that influence the easy navigation of the car park. We produce materials to improve traffic flow, such as signposts, information boards, floor stickers, signs, shop windows, wall decals, etc.

02Marking of HOTEL SPACES

Proper hotel interior signage affects guest comfort. We create personalised space signage materials to aid navigation and suggest how to position them appropriately.

How do we work?

Our services range from the creation of POP, POS materials, stands and gadgets through to production. You decide which of these you will use.




We start our collaboration by discussing and analysing your and your clients' needs in order to respond to them in the best possible way.

Edelweiss - how we work

Conception& PROJECT


Are you short of ideas for an interesting presentation of your product? Our creative team will research the market, trends, create a graphic design and visualisation for you. To ensure that the design meets your expectations, we create a prototype upon approval, and after any corrections are made, we start production.

Do you have your own idea/project looking for a company to bring it to life? Feel free to contact us!




Once you approve the design, we proceed with production. The finished product is delivered to the point of sale and assembled, with ongoing technical support.


Creative Agency

Whether you are short of ideas for POP, POS materials or gadgets, get support from our Creative Agency. We'll prepare for you innovative graphic designs and visualizations tailored to your activities and desires. We know how to get the attention and interest into your products! 


Do you have questions?

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